Here are some of my more recent random musings, in reverse chronological order. Enjoy...

Arse First Method of Technical Blogging (2015-03-31)
MOTD mentioning "Arse First Method of Technical Blogging" by Greg Ferro and my forthcoming review.
There is NO CLOUD... (2015-02-28)
My piece on the cloud.
Password Management REDUX (2014-11-25)
Minor updates on password management.
Message of the Day 2014-08-18 (2014-08-18)
MOTD talking about "My Fav'rite 'Net Things" and favicon.
Message of the Day 2014-08-16 (2014-08-16)
MOTD talking about an article on TShark and "What do Teachrs Make".
Message of the Day 2014-06-18 (2014-06-18)
MOTD blog post advertising a couple more articles on DNS and an explanation as to why I'm currently doing so much with DNS.
Message of the Day 2014-06-16 (2014-06-16)
MOTD blog post advertising three articles that I've written.
Eniac (2014-05-08)
My review of the Eniac book.
Password Management (2014-04-27)
This is a wrap up of how I manage passwords in pass, including how PWVault and PWChanger tie in to automation.
Password Changer (2014-04-24)
I'm offering my password changer script to the world!
Password Vault (2014-04-21)
I'm offering my password vault script to the world!
SAcPF - SSH Anycast Port Forwarding (2014-03-17)
The more that I use SAcPF, the more I like it. - It even works with Wireshark!
IPv4 Subnets (2014-03-08)
This is my take on an IPv4 subnet reference table, including decimal, hexadecimal and Cisco wild card notation.
SSH LocalCommand (2014-03-05)
SSH LocalCommand is a quick write up about how and why the ssh command's "LocalCommand" option can be used.
NLB nightmare (2014-03-03)
I needed to rant for a few minutes about my NLB nightmare, and publish the documentation that I created from labing the solution.
SSH local port forwarding ... Anycast Style (2014-03-03)
Just a short blog post talking about how and why I do some things with ssh that I do on a weekly basis.
Pingback (2014-02-15)
Pingbacks, my opinion and implementation.

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