February 2014

Pingback (2014-02-15)
Pingbacks, my opinion and implementation.
Self-Signed Certificates (2014-02-14)
I thought Mikko Hypponen's tweet was so good that I had to share it.
Active@ UNDELETE to the rescue... (2014-02-13)
Here's a quick summary of how Active@ UNDELETE helped save the day.
Site Map (2014-02-09)
Just a quick note about the Site Map.
The Story of Mel (2014-02-09)
The Story of Mel is one of my favorite pieces of computer lore, and now it's available here on dotFiles.
tar pipe (2014-02-08)
Short blog post about tar pipes.
Practical Vim (2014-02-06)
This is my review of Practical Vim by Drew Neil.
800 pound gorillas (2014-02-06)
My predilection for 800 pound gorillas.
Rules serve a purpose... (2014-02-06)
I loved Chris's tweet so much I had to share it.
Serious Security: How to store your users' passwords safely (2014-02-04)
Serious Security: How to store your users' passwords safely is another good article from Naked Security, one worth sharing.
A visual introduction to SELinux (2014-02-04)
I ran across a visual introduction to SELinux and thought it was good enough to share, and comment on.
Virtual Host Redirects (2014-02-03)
Virtual Host Redirects is in direct response to a conversation I had with a friend and colleague today about redirecting between non-canonical domain name(s) and the canonical domain name.
Security Now! Archive Podcast (2014-02-02)
This is my take on the much needed archive podcast for Security Now!
On the Fastrack (2014-02-01)
Starting my On the Fastrack collection.
xkcd (2014-02-01)
Starting my xkcd collection.
DNS therapy
DNS therapy, DNS poisoning but in a good way.
To www. or not to www. (2014-02-01)
Just about everyone has their opinion on the "www." in a web site name, this is mine.
Cool Console (2014-02-01)
Greg Ferro with EtherialMind.com had such a cool console idea that I had share it.