June 2013

HTTP redirects are your friend (2013-06-29)
So, I might have gone off on more than a bit of a rant about comics I read not using HTTP redirects.
Endue failure until you succeed! (2013-06-15)
This is a Thomas Edison (mis)quite that I love.
Duplicate authoritative DNS zones .... on purpose (2013-06-10)
This is my solution to a unique problem I was having related to multi-master DNS zones.
Hacking is a good thing (2013-06-10)
I believe the tile says it all.
Dynamic DNS registration via slave server (2013-06-09)
This was a solution that I came up with during the early stages of discussing a DNS problem for DR.
What's New in Samba 4 (2013-06-01)
Know they enemy and how to work with them ... if you have to.
Server Porn (2013-06-01)
What self respecting computer geek doesn't like to look at other fellow geek's system?