Security Now! Archive Podcast

Those that know me will agree that I love the Security Now! podcast. However, despite all the wonderful things that it is and that Steve and Leo do for us, I have found something missing, an archive. Yes, I know that Steve provides the Security Now! Episode Archive pages on GRC. The problem is, those pages are meant for a human to consume. As such, we can't take advantage of all the nice features of podcasting: play resumption, incremental fast forward / rewind, scrubbing, etc. These are features that I dearly love and find EXTREMELY useful when listening to Security Now!

So, in the spirit of both the internet and Security Now! I have created a Security Now! Archive podcast feed. Now we can take advantage of all the wonderful podcasting features with all the Security Now! episodes, all the way back to episode #1.

Why did I do this? Well, the first time I did this (very crudely) was out of selfish interest. Since then, on a monthly basis, I have recommended to multiple different people that they start listening to Security Now! Invariably, they want to go back and listen to all of the episodes. Unfortunately, prior to my creation of the Security Now! Archive podcast, this was tedious and required them to download each individual file to listen to, with out all the wonderful features of podcasting. Well, now they can have all those features in an easy to use podcast feed.

I even fired up GIMP and modified the Security Now! podcast logo, adding a tape reel to represent the archive. - What is geeking if we can't be proud of what we do? - Isn't that the true spirit of hacking?!