Welcome to dotFiles. Here you'll find some of my random musings as well as some of my (hopefully) more usefull information. Be sure to check out my articles and various blog postings for more information. I'm putting my more recent articles and notable blog posts below.

Beyond network namespaces (2017-06-06)
Beyond network namespaces talks about why and how to use mount, network, and UTS namespaces together to make a very small virtual router.
ssh:// protocol handler (2016-03-27)
Notes on how to create a handler for ssh:// URIs.
Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial) ZFS native root install (2016-03-27)
I created some notes on how to install Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial) to a native ZFS root file system.
SSH Canonicalization (2016-01-09)
SSH Canonicalization explains what OpenSSH host name canonicalization is and why you would want to use it over the system resolver library, with examples.
Linux network namespaces (2015-11-13)
Linux network namespaces talks about how I used Linux network namespaces to test things for my Linux IP / subnet migrations article.
Linux IP / subnet migrations... (2015-11-13)
Linux IP / subnet migrations talks about how to enable communictaions before, during, and after IP / subnet migrations.
Empowering OpenSSH (2015-05-06)
Empowering OpenSSH is an article that discusses how and why to configure OpenSSH to fully utilize it's power. Hint: You can Empower OpenSSH to enable you to ssh (in)directly to systems on the other side of bastion hosts.
Arse First Method of Technical Blogging (2015-03-31)
MOTD mentioning "Arse First Method of Technical Blogging" by Greg Ferro and my forthcoming review.
There is NO CLOUD... (2015-02-28)
My piece on the cloud.
PTR delegation (2015-01-11)
PTR delegation is a write up on how do PTR delegation for a few IPs.
Password Vault (2014-04-21) - Updated 2014-11-25
I made a minor update to PWVault's documentation.
Password Management REDUX (2014-06-16)
Minor updates on password management.
A Precarious State of Storage (2014-09-07)
This is the story of how I managed to get the storage on one of my systems in to a precarious state, and back out.
My Fav'rite 'Net Things by Kc Claffy.
Kc Claffy's "My Fav'rite 'Net Things" was so good that I had to have a local copy of it.
VAXen, my children...
VAXen, my children is a funny story that is worth preserving.
What Teachers Make by Taylor Mali
I loved Taylor Mali's "What Teachers Make" poem so much that I had to have a local copy.
TShark Automation (2014-07-16)
Here's how I automated analyzing 1500+ packets with TShark.

Below are links to some of my more popular content.

Sudify (2015-02-19)
Sudify is a very simple shell wrapper script to make using sudo less annoying by hiding it.
Password Changer (2014-04-24)
I'm offering my password vault script to the world!
Password Vault (2014-04-21)
I'm offering my password vault script to the world!
Article: SSH local port forwarding ... Anycast Style (2014-03-03)
SSH local port forwarding describes a technique that combines anycast and ssh port forwarding to access remote resources as if they were local without having to change anything in a client.