Hi, my name is Grant Taylor, but my friends call me DrScriptt. Welcome to , my small corner of the internet. Here you'll find my random musings, articles, tutorials, rants and who knows what else.

I have tried to create this web site with you, the reader in mind. If I found something that bothered me on other sites I frequent, I've tried to make sure that I don't have the same annoyance here. I've taken pains to tweak my server to serve the pages as fast as possible, including compression, ETags, Expires headers, and the likes to make it easy for your web browser to only download the content that it needs to for each page. Further, I have put the some of the content in a CDN, so that it's geographically distributed. You will find very little content that is not static HTML on dotFiles. This means that it's even search engine friendly, with the intent to make it easier for you to find the content that you want.

I should tell you that week days I pretend to be a Unix Systems Administrator / Subject Matter Expert for IBM. However, dotFiles is my personal site, and no affiliation with IBM. As such, anything I do / say here is my sole responsibility and should not reflect poorly on IBM. (Read: Blame me, not them.)

Please, use the "eMail DrScriptt" link in the page footer if you find any problems / errors / omissions about the page. You can also drop me an email at drscriptt@dotfiles.tnetconsulting.net any time for what ever reason, other than SPAM.

Finally, why the name "dotFiles"? Well, as I said, I'm a unix SA by trade ... and by choice. As such, I spend a lot of time working on a lot of unixy things, which includes a lot of dot files configuring things. So, per unix convention, the .profile file in a users home directory is a file describing them.