Computer Lore

Below are some pieces of computer lore that I liked so much, I had to post them on my site.

A story about 'Magic'
A story about 'Magic' demonstrates that even in the predictable world of computers, there is still a place for 'Magic'.
My Fav'rite 'Net Things
Kc Claffy's "My Fav'rite 'Net Things" was so good that I had to have a local copy of it.
The Story of Mel
The Story of Mel is about a programmer named Mel, and how he stood up for his beliefs in the dawn of the computer age.
VAXen, my children...
VAXen, my children is a funny story that is worth preserving.
What Teachers Make by Taylor Mali
I loved Taylor Mali's "What Teachers Make" poem so much that I had to have a local copy.