Sudo Mastery

Recently I read Michael W Lucas's Sudo Mastery. It won't take you long to read and you will probably have a lot better understanding of sudo. I did find a few minor discrepancies in the book, but that's to be expected in most technical books, especially early editions. Despite the few minor discrepancies, overall I found the book to be a very easy and enjoyable read in addition to being very insightful. When I emailed Michael about a particular question that I had, he was most responsive and receptive any feedback I felt like providing. It was while exchanging emails with Michael that I found out about his private label, Tilted Windmill Press. You can purchase Sudo Mastery many places, but I'd recommend you get it directly from his private label, as that's the most up to date copy and includes all minor corrections.

Tilted Windmill Press:  Sudo Mastery

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