Reverse chronological order ... above the fold

I hate sorting things in reverse chronological order and the concept of above the fold. But I use it. As much as I dislike it, my friend is correct in that most people want newest things on top, above the fold (so to speak). In theory, this is because it is supposedly easier to see new content. I suppose this is strictly true, if only in the fact that you don't have to scroll down to the bottom to see new content.

Personally, I think newer content should be at the bottom. New content is APPENDED to log files. New books in a series come AFTER the older books. The only thing that comes to mind that is in reverse chronological is file folders in doctors offices, newest content goes on top to make it convenient for the doctor (et al) to open the folder and see the newest content -without- flipping pages. But then again, historical folders have newest content at the back so that you can read them in (forward) chronological order from start to finish.

I digress.