Automate what you can and do the rest manually

Automate. .... I mean it. .... When ever possible. .... Each and every single time.

Do you think I'm joking?
I'm not.
Do you want things to take longer to do than they have to?
I didn't think so.
Do you want opportunities to introduce human error?
I know. Who does?!
Do you want to have to sit there and focus on one thing?
Neither do I. I'd rather have the computer work for me, not the other way around.

Seriously, automate when ever possible. Automation is the answer to all of the above problems. With it you can make things take less time, reduce the opportunities for human error, and you can go focus on something else ... like compiling.

If you are doing something for the first (only?) time, do it manually. When you do it for the second time, think about automation. The third time you do the same think, automate it because will do it again and again and ...